1. davescomicjournal:

    The Return of Falafel and Poop

    This is exactly what happens when I stop eating meat for a while.

    (via boxedinspiration)

  2. davescomicjournal:

    Absent Minded

    I’m not so much absent minded as much as I am present minded…in other places. Constantly.

  3. davescomicjournal:

    The Valentine’s Day Trap

    I should like Valentine’s Day. There’s lots of candy and obligatory sex thrown around. The problem though is that its fairly arbitrary AND, I’m so neurotic, I’m always over thinking things.

  4. Because I’m a cheapskate and because my relatives are under the delusion that having a piece of signed art by me will some day I made these Christmas cards for my cousins, their children, and my parents.

    Merry Christmas!



  7. Some sketches for a hush-hush upcoming project I’m working on. The top sketch is the first time I’ve inked with a brush in a while. Apparently it’s a perishable skill.


  8. Starting…now

    I’ve been using tumblr now for maybe a year and a half (possibly longer) to collect and keep track of inspirations. I’ve now decided to start a brand new blog that shows only my own artwork.

    Here goes!